My Korea World
Hellloooo^^ I'm Cassie5 keke~ You know me :p

Yes I know <3 ^^

Hellooooo ^^ What are you doing right now? And what mean Dong Bang Shin Ki in Turkish? :D

Sorry for late answering i forgot my password TT.TT then the aswer is in Turkish’ Doğunun Yükselen Tanrıları’ :D so sory again :(

I’m proud to be SONE <3

Thank you all K-pop’s fandom <3

——At school——

Popular Boys

Popular boys---

Popular Girls—-

Me and My Friends—-

I can’t wait..


Hi. I am writing from other world. I just died when i saw those. Okey see you soon in here. 


Miss A’s troll faces

When i heard Miss A’s comeback :3

When i see K-pop haters…